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            Art Box Project AC

                        The Art Box Project AC, organized by the Atlantic City Arts Commission – to recognize and        

                     celebrate artists. Artists are asked  to paint utility boxes with an original design in order to   

                       enhance the Street-scape, bringing art out into open spaces, and communicates to the viewer a 

                   vibrant, inclusive, and diverse community.

Artist Flora Zhai was born in KunMing, China in 1996. She grew up in South Jersey. Much of her art style has been inspired by surrealist painters – Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Flora is currently studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Flora’s Art Box Designs are located at Montgomery & Atlantic Avenues; and Arctic and Mississippi Avenues.






Artist Charles Barbin is a native of Atlantic City, and Brigantine. He is a graduate of Temple University Tyler School of Art, majoring in painting . He completed his studies in Italy, where one of his paintings was chosen in a permanent gallery at Temple campus Rome. Charles has worked with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program designing and painting several murals. Charles has designed and painted two Art Boxes in Atlantic City  located at Atlantic & Tallahassee, and Kingston & Atlantic Avenues. See more of Charles work at


Maria Escobar has a unique and colorful artistic style. Her work can be seen on the Connecticut Avenue Fire House Mural Project planned and managed by The Atlantic City Arts Commission, the City of Atlantic City, in collaboration with Richard Stockton College, volunteers,  local artists,  and students from Atlantic City Schools. This Box is located at Columbus, and Arctic Avenues, Atlantic City.



 Mike Bell was born and raised in the Atlantic City Area. His unique style of art blends lowbrow humor, nostalgia, mixed with imagery of modern and cultural classics. Mike has exhibited all over the U.S. This Art Box is located at Michigan, and Arctic Avenues, Atlantic City.Learn more about Mike Bill at See the Press article under “press release” tab.